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Welcome to Axxellerance.

We appreciate your interest.


This website intends to provide general information on our offering, however we configure our services under our engagements only in close collaboration with you,
our valued clients.


Should you wish to understand more about our experience, capabilities, achievements which you can benefit from, please contact us any time. We are happy to talk and provide further insights and documentation.

Broad Process Industry Experience

  • Technology-based enterprises serving multiple including highly regulated industries with complex products, services and solutions
  • Chemicals, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biologicals and vaccines development and manufacturing businesses
  • End-use and industrial, governmental and non-governmental customer businesses
  • Comprehensive global supply chains from chemicals through fine chemicals, active ingredients synthesis and biologicals and vaccines manufacturing through to pharmaceutical packaging including sterile filling, lyophilization, secondary packaging and end market distribution

Track Record of Successes

  • Strategy development, redesign, implementation and operationalization
  • Optimization of commercial and industrial/supply operations´ portfolios
  • Optimization of multi-step, high regulated, complex supply chains
  • Optimization of industrial footprints and their cost/value structures
  • Negotiations for tailor-made supply, manufacturing, development and services contracts of up to several 100 Mio. € contract value
  • Negotiations for strategic transactions and corporate financing of up to 100 Mio € Mio. € transaction value
  • Leveraging human resource processes, people development, organizational learning and communications
  • Managing strategic transactions including post-merger integration/separation and transitions
  • Managing implementation of capital projects of up to 100 Mio. €